Create Record

Create record in an application:

URL : /api/v1/app/{app_id}/record/ Method : POST


access_token (required, header parameter) Send this as header – e.g.“Authorization: Bearer access_token”

app_id (required, path parameter) Application Id App for where the record is present

API request must send all required parameters for creating a record as POST request body.

If your app has “Draft” mode enabled, to save your record into “Draft” state, you can pass a parameter “draft” with a value of “1” as part of your POST request body. By default, record will always be saved in “Published” state. To change a record from “Draft” state to “Published” state, you must send an UPDATE record API request with the “draft” parameter value as 0.

Sample Request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}" -X POST -d 'f1=New Record Data'

Sample Response

   "f1":"New Record Data"

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