WorkSmart Web API, based on REST principles, allows your application to retrieve and manage your WorkSmart content. You can perform operations like adding a new record to your application or editing an existing record. Also can add comments to your record if you have comments plugin enabled for your application. Refer the links from the left menu to gain more information how you can perform these operations using WorkSmart Web API.

Manage your WorkSmart Applications

Before you start using API, your application must be registered into your WorkSmart portal. This will generate a unique client id and a secret key which will be required for authorization requests. Follow the steps listed below to register your application for API usage :

  • Go to Web API Setting page from “System Admin > Portal Settings > Web API Setting”.

  • Click on “Register New Application” and provide your application name, description and a call-back URL. This step registers your application with WorkSmart

  • Click on your newly created application and you should be able to see you applications client credentials (Client ID and Secret Key)

Your WorkSmart Web API end point

Your endpoint URL is based on your portal, so please make sure you are using correct endpoint to access WorkSmart Web API for you portal. Please use the URL mentioned on your portal Web API Settings page.

Below image shows where you can find your Endpoint URL :

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