Read Records By View

Get all records by a specific view:

URL : /api/v1/app/{app_id}/view/{view_id} Method : GET


access_token (required, header parameter) Send this as header – e.g.“Authorization: Bearer access_token”

app_id (required, header parameter) Application Id

view_id (required, header parameter) View Id

Filter Parameters (Optional) :

Method – GET – for filtering data

filter_columns Column Ids. To filter data for multiple columns, use “|” as separator e.g. filter_columns=2|3|4

filter_values Values that needs to be matched. To filter data using multiple values, use “|” as separator e.g. filter_columns=2|2|4and filter_values=Column2Text1|Column2Text2|Column4

filter_apps App Ids for the columns (only applicable for columns from Lookup App). To filter data using multiple apps, use “|” as separator

filter_operators Operators to use for filtering data. To use multiple operators, use “|” as separator e.g. filter_operators=0|0|1.

Operator codes are as below:

0 : contains

1 : does not contain

2 : equals

3 : does not equal

4 : empty

5 : not empty

6 : less than

7 : less than or equal to

8 : greater than

9 : greater than or equal to

Sample Request

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {access_token}"

Sample Response

         "type_name":"Auto Number"

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